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Home Performance with Energy Star

Home Performance with Energy Star is your next step after our Home Energy Solutions Program. This will upgrade your home beyo


Insulation installation will decrease heating cost and improve comfort in the home.

Home Energy Solutions

Home Energy Solutions

What Our Clients Say

"I was surprised at how a few small changes could make such a big difference to my energy bills. The audit alone was well worth the cost, and I now have a list of improvements that will continue to help me reduce my energy costs."


( East Hampton, CT )

Mom just got her energy audit. Thank you new england conservation services!

Liz H

( Bethany CT )

I just had this service done. 2 gentlemen spent hours going through my house to see where it could be more energy efficient. They were both polite and hardworking. They changed my light bulbs, sealed the doors, sealed my heat vents, gave me rebates on other things I might want to consider doing and were not completely satisfied with the numbers so they are coming back to do more. It was a pleasure to have them and well worth the money. I would recommend it to everyone.

Shary B

( Branford CT )

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How Does A Ductless Split Heat Pump Work?

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I get this question ALL the time. I figured I would write an article about it. How does a ductless split heat pump work?  It’s pretty easy if you know about refrigerators…or geothermal systems… if you don’t know about either…then let me give you a rundown. Ductless heat pumps can be used to heat a

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Maintenance on an Older Home

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Keeping an older or historic building in good condition does wonders for its energy efficiency. Regular, diligent monitoring of its condition—whether making sure windows and doors open and close as tightly as they should, or checking for (and sealing) gaps in masonry that might be causing drafts or letting in pests—can make a tremendous difference

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Insulating and Older Home

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Tip! Simply adding insulation to the attic is one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient steps you can take. Yet always be sure to air seal the bypasses first. Not sure where these are? Dirty insulation is the tip off—where you see dirty insulation, air is passing through and the insulation is serving as

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Heating and Cooling

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Heating and Cooling It doesn’t make any sense to upgrade your HVAC system if you haven’t already done a comprehensive job of air sealing and adding insulation—these will reduce the heating load and allow for a smaller, less costly new system. Older homes with hydronic (radiator) heating typically have had to rely on window AC

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Air Sealing

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Air Sealing A gap of just 1/8 of an inch under a 36-inch door lets in as much air as having a 2.4 inch wide hole in the wall. Since people often adjust the thermostat and leave heat running longer when they feel a draft, preventing air infiltration can greatly reduce energy usage. Sealing up

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Antique Saltbox Connecticut Colonial

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Start With an Energy Audit Energy audits provide the best way to identify air leaks in your home. This comprehensive audit will go beyond identifying obvious energy upgrades and will create a roadmap of where and how to best make improvements in your home. This is even more critical with

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