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Home Performance with Energy Star

Home Performance with Energy Star is your next step after our Home Energy Solutions Program. This will upgrade your home beyo


Insulation installation will decrease heating cost and improve comfort in the home.

Home Energy Solutions

Home Energy Solutions

What Our Clients Say

"I was surprised at how a few small changes could make such a big difference to my energy bills. The audit alone was well worth the cost, and I now have a list of improvements that will continue to help me reduce my energy costs."


( East Hampton, CT )

Mom just got her energy audit. Thank you new england conservation services!

Liz H

( Bethany CT )

I just had this service done. 2 gentlemen spent hours going through my house to see where it could be more energy efficient. They were both polite and hardworking. They changed my light bulbs, sealed the doors, sealed my heat vents, gave me rebates on other things I might want to consider doing and were not completely satisfied with the numbers so they are coming back to do more. It was a pleasure to have them and well worth the money. I would recommend it to everyone.

Shary B

( Branford CT )

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What is Community Solar ?

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Community Solar is something that we in Connecticut are about to receive! Community solar is referred to as owning a stake in community bought solar panels placed on a piece of land. For example, you don’t have a big yard, but your neighbor has a huge yard. You will be able to ask your neighbor

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columbia evaporation technology

New Evaporation Energy Generating Power — The Future of Renewables?

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When we think of renewable energy, we think of solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, wind turbines. What if…there was another way to generate power, that was just as organic and has the potential to generate power using the power of evaporation? Every day 1400 Cubic Km^3 (cubic kilometers) of water is evaporated into our atmosphere.

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Towns and Cities Participating in the Energize Connecticut Program

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Cities and Towns who are Clean Energy Communities have a lot of benefits for it’s residents to take advantage of. In the Energize Connecticut program run by the utilities is a great program to save money on energy efficient upgrades. The¬†Connecticut Green Bank (formerly known as the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund) will provide money back

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How to stay cool and save money during the cooling months

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We had a long winter here in Connecticut and I am pretty excited for the Summer to warm up. It’s projected to be a hot summer this year. So how do I stay cool in the summer AND save on my air conditioning expenses? It’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Staying cool in

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Navien Tankless

How can having an efficient water heating system save you money?

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Water heating is the third highest expense in energy usage in a home, followed by electrical and space heating. Having an efficient water heating system can help you save on your energy costs. What kind of water heaters are there?¬† Tank Water Heaters –The first and most common water heating system is a tank-type water

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How much can changing a light bulb save you?

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I’m sure you have heard a lot of people trying to sell you LEDs. LEDs can turn out to be a high investment. Many would like to know…how much is an LED really going to save me? Well I have gone and done the heavy lifting for you so you can find out exactly how

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