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Home Performance with Energy Star

Home Performance with Energy Star is your next step after our Home Energy Solutions Program. This will upgrade your home beyo


Insulation installation will decrease heating cost and improve comfort in the home.

Home Energy Solutions

Home Energy Solutions

What Our Clients Say

"I was surprised at how a few small changes could make such a big difference to my energy bills. The audit alone was well worth the cost, and I now have a list of improvements that will continue to help me reduce my energy costs."


( East Hampton, CT )

Mom just got her energy audit. Thank you new england conservation services!

Liz H

( Bethany CT )

I just had this service done. 2 gentlemen spent hours going through my house to see where it could be more energy efficient. They were both polite and hardworking. They changed my light bulbs, sealed the doors, sealed my heat vents, gave me rebates on other things I might want to consider doing and were not completely satisfied with the numbers so they are coming back to do more. It was a pleasure to have them and well worth the money. I would recommend it to everyone.

Shary B

( Branford CT )

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Madison Energy Challenge

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Madison Energy ChallengeĀ  Madison Energy Challenge is a campaign being promoted by Madison Energy Task Force to help residents bring down their energy usage! In the Madison Energy Challenge, CT Solar Challenge has negotiated with AEGIS SOLAR for low pricing on Madison Installations. We are also promoting the Home Energy Solutions visit in order to

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Woodbridge Energy Challenge

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Woodbridge Energy Challenge! The Woodbridge Energy Challenge is a campaign for Woodbridge residents to provide Solar Panels, Energy Assessments and Insulation at affordable prices! New England Conservation Services has teamed up with the Town of Woodbridge to promote this campaign in order for it’s residents to save on energy solutions. We have done a few

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Rebates for Energy Efficient Upgrades

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We all want an efficient home that does not cost much to run. It would be great if we all lived in brand new homes. In Connecticut, that is usually not the case. A lot of us live in pretty old homes. Anyone who lives in a home any older than the 90’s can benefit

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What is Cellulose Insulation?

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Cellulose insulation is an insulation comprised of 75%-85% of recycled material. It is the highest amount of recycled content in insulation material. Cellulose insulation is made up of recycled newspaper and magazines. Most of the recycled paper is post-consumer waste adding even more benefit by redirecting it from the waste stream and landfills. Cellulose insulation

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What is a Blower Door?

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  A blower door is something Energy Specialists use to find leaks in your home envelope, What does that mean? It means where your heat loss (or cooling loss in the summer) isĀ happening. A blower door is a large door shaped drape which has a fan attached and a measuring device to measure the pressure

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